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Driveways & Patios are the first thing people see when going into their home or having family BBQs and get togethers, don't let a dirty drive or patio ruin your lovely home. Driveway cleaning doesn't need to be expensive, ATD Cleaning Services provide professional and affordable pressure cleaning with no job is too big or too small attitude. There is no reason to leave your weed filled driveways or dirty patios to continue to get worse, bring back to life those tired old surfaces and give your drives and patios the TLC they deserve. 

Block Pave Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing

Block paving is probably the most popular type of driveway most people have installed, laid with thousands of little clay blocks laid in a variety of different patterns creating some stunning looking driveways.  

( Popular Misconceptions ) some people may think that high pressure washing can damage your driveways, choosing to try and clean them with a hose, soapy water and a brush but sadly this will not remove the dirt, weeds & algae leaving you frustrated and in truth a total waste of time.  

Can pressure washing damage the blocks ? in short yes but only if consistent high pressure washing is done on a regular basis, driveways are always exposed to the elements contending with weather changes year round such as rain, ice, snow, bird foul & salt, all these elements will erode block paving at a much quicker degree than pressure washing alone. 

Another misconception is you can get the same result with your DIY pressure washers, again sadly this isn't the case as the actual washing is only one part of the process, DIY pressure washers will not remove algae, lichens, black spot and a huge majority of weeds will still be left. To remove all those nasty unwanted fungicides takes high pressure & chemical washing. Another very important part of the process is re-sanding, if your driveway isn't re-sanded properly after pressure washing this can cause blocks to come lose and sink, sometimes even crack due to vehicle traffic.  

( Weeds, Moss & Algae ) Block paved driveways are very susceptible to weed and moss growth due to the hundreds of joints between the block pavers, removing the weeds can be a pain stacking process using typical DIY methods. Luckily ATD cleaning services invest in only the very best equipment on the market making this process much easier and quicker then traditional methods. Using a 22ich flat surface cleaner we will first remove all surface dirt and grime off the surface of the drive, afterwards we attach a high speed rotating nozzle that spins very quickly removing any left over weeds.

Black Staining on pavers is a fungus that normally appears when driveways have overhanging trees and plants, containing the sap off branches and plants and spreading on your driveways and patios. Usually large tress are the main culprit for this sort of staining when trees get blown around by the wind landing on your driveway and when it rains quickly turning into a sap like resign, this is known as block spot and can not be removed with pressure washing alone.

Removing black spot requires the driveway to be chemically washed, there isn't any extra charge for this service as its already including in our Sq metre price.

( Treatment or Cure? ) Weeds are very hard if not impossible to cure completely and once weeds start to grow its very hard to get a grip on the situation. Over the counter weed killers can help a little but may not remove all weeds and moss because weed killer doesn't tend to have any effect on moss. Sometimes the best way and maybe the only way is professional pressure washing.

There are some steps you can take after having your driveway cleaned that will certainly help keep weeds at bay a lot longer, cheapest method is to regularly apply weed killer, sadly for reasons pointed out above this method isn't always successful. Sealing your driveway after cleaning is by far the best way to protect it from the elements but if done properly using top grade sealers isn't cheap. Sealers soak deep into the jointing sand resulting in far better weed protection then if left unsealed. 

(Sealing Block Pave Driveways ) using top grade sealants doesn't come cheap, some lower grade sealants can be  purchased from DIY stores at around £20 per tin, using professional grade sealants can be purchased at unto £100 per tin. By choosing a lower grade sealant you should expect around 12 months of protection, some higher grade sealants can protect your driveway for upto 5 years, so splitting the cost over a 5 year period doesn't work out to bad.

Driveway Cleaned & Sealed

When pressure cleaning block pavers sand gets washed away from joints, if sand isn't replaced this will cause blocks to start to lift and sometimes even sink. Water will also run into the exposed joints causing a serious amount of weeds in a short space of time. 

( Sanding ) When a driveway has been cleaned it will wash away jointing sand, this sand will need replacing but only when the driveway is completely dry. Kiln dried sand is required for re-sanding, kiln sand is very dry and has been left in a kiln for a period of time to dry, normal builders sand wont work as it tends to be very wet and much coarser. We included re-sanding in all our quotes because its a very important part of the processes.

( Oil Stains ) oil stains can also be a popular problem on driveways due to cars and motorbikes been parked for periods of time. As with any sort of stain treating them ASAP is the best method, but unfortunately they cant always be removed 100%.

A good grade oil remover is around £15 - £20 per litre, they work really good if the oil stain is quite fresh, the longer the oil stain as been left standing usually its much more difficult remove and its some cases its easier and cheaper to replace the blocks. Replacing pavers is something we can do using new ones or if you have some left over from when the driveway was laid even better as these will be a little weather matching up better to your original pavers.

ATD Cleaning Services can professionally clean, re-sand & seal all types of block pave driveways and patios. We are proud members of smart seal if required we can seal your block paved surfaces using the leading sealers on the market.

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