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Decking cleaning is very popular especially during spring and summer months, it doesn't take long during the winter months for decking to become dirty and covered in moss & algae but fear not ATD Cleaning services have the solution. 

Maybe you have started to notice that your decking area isn't looking quite as fresh as it once was. You may have also noticed the area has started to turn a little green with stubborn algae stains, unfortunately decking is expensive and sadly doesn't stay clean for long during winter and soon begins to look dirty and grey.

Winter time can really take a tole on the wood, quite often decking can also become slippery due to leaves falling from tress and plants. April - September is the best time to bring your dull looking decks back to life when the weather is a lot warmer. All decking needs to be completely dry before any oil can be applied to the area this is the reason for the summer months being the perfect time for this process.  

Looking a little worse for wear

Here's a great example of a customers decking looking a little worse for wear, seeing you decked areas in this shape may make you consider replacing it for a new one. Although the wood isn't rotten its clear to see a lot of moss and algae stains sitting on the surface.

Putting flower pots and garden ornaments on your decking doesn't help keep your boards clean, when water gets caught underneath it sits there for periods of time causing the boards to slowly rot. Although garden ornaments and plant pots look nice, placing them on your decking can quickly lead to rotten boards and algae build up.  

Decking Services 

ATD Cleaning services offer various levels of cleaning for decking & restoration, we offer a basic cleaning service, up to a deep clean and restoring service. You can choose the level of service you would like for your decking making it easier to match your budget.

1. Bronze clean ( gentle pressure wash ) 

2. Silver clean  ( gentle pressure wash & algae treatment ) 

3. Gold clean ( gentle wash, algae treatment & decking oil treatment )

Some newer, or well maintained decking may only need a bronze clean, a gentle pressure wash and the boards are brought back to life. Decking that's a few years or more old and have pretty much been left exposed to the elements may benefit more from a gold clean to truly bring them back to their former glory.  

Decking stain or decking oil ?

Decking stain is pretty much what is says on the tin its a stain, personally I wouldn't recommend using wood stain yes it can be a little cheaper but what you save in pennies you gain tenfold in headache once applied its usually a nightmare to remove.  Deck stain sits on the surface of the wood and have a tendency to peel and flake pretty easy, once the boards start to flake its very hard to remove without complete stripping the wood back to its natural state using a stripping agent and sander.   

Decking Oil offer much better protection and for much longer than stain, the oil doesn't just sit on the surface like deck stain it penetrates the wood offer a much deeper protection. ATD Cleaning Services will only use good quality oils, these oils are available in a range of tints from clear up to dark oak. 

ATD Cleaning Services are always more than happy to help and advise on the best solution for decking, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07742575515 or alternatively email us at