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serviceAs far as the cleanliness of your carpets is concerned, some professional interference is required in order to live in a save and bacteria- free environment. All the bacteria and dust mites are invisible with a naked eye but it doesn’t mean that they do not inhabit your home and the carpets in particular. It is a common knowledge that the carpet fibres are the ideal environment for spreading different infection and allergy agents.


Why You Need A Professional Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning your carpet or your upholstery, it might get very confusing and that makes it difficult in getting it right the first time it consistently. This is why hiring a professional cleaning service to handle all these for you gives you great quality cleaning without damaging your carpet or your upholstery which are very important to you and the outlook of your home.
Getting a new carpet and upholstery can be exciting and the very last thing you want is for it to get damaged just because of a little cleaning service that could have easily been avoided.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is very beneficial to your company or your home. You want the very best of services with a quality experience and we completely understand all that and more here. This is why we have made a list of why you should hire professional cleaning services for your carpet and your upholstery.

We aim to amaze our customers 

Looking for a carpet cleaning service in Cannock to serve you and your carpet in the best way possible? Have you ever wanted cleaner carpets but were too tired, busy or feeling to lazy to find out how to go about cleaning your carpets?
Now we are not referring to vacuuming or sweeping your carpets as that can be done by literally anyone but we are talking about actually cleaning your carpets with the right equipment, solutions and experience in order to remove the maximum amount of dirt, stains and smells from them and helping them last for longer periods.

It can be a very difficult thing to handle on your own and it isn’t as easy either. Cleaning your carpets yourself wouldn’t give you the right results and it wouldn’t be as effective as just hiring a professional carpet cleaner to take care of it for you. In the market, there are so many products and solutions which might seem enticing to use but might not be best for your carpet and a professional carpet cleaning service will know all these and so much more.

They know the best products to use for individual carpets, the best way to mix the solutions and tips on taking care of your carpet to let it last longer. They also know the best ways to prevent smells and odours on your carpet which can affect your home generally and give a bad look to your carpet.



Here are a few reasons you should hire our carpet cleaning service.

1. Time-Saving

By hiring our carpet cleaning service, we save you time and all that time you save by hiring us can be put into other things such as work, school, and hobbies. Hiring our carpet cleaning service rather than going at it yourself is the best idea as it takes a considerable large amount of time, depending on the carpet size and I'm sure there are other things you need to be doing in your daily life. You get all this and more by hiring a trusted, local and professional carpet cleaning service in Cannock.

2. Stress-Free

There are a lot of ways cleaning a carpet can stress you especially if you have a lot on your plate in the first place. A professional carpet cleaning service with experience and expertise will find the solutions necessary to clean your carpet and also go through the process of thoroughly cleaning it, therefore saving you from the stress.

3. Ease and Simplicity

Hiring a carpet cleaning service is an easy way to get someone to do the job got you. We have experts in carpet cleaning and are highly trained and certified. When you decide to clean your carpet yourself, you can spend a lot of time moving your pieces of furniture and renting carpet cleaners, having to go through the process of cleaning and also returning the cleaner. Machines used for carpet cleaning can be very heavy and the workload might be too much for you rather than just deciding to hire a professional to handle your carpet cleaning for you.

4. Health Issues

You can be putting yourself at health risks by deciding to clean your carpet yourself. A professional carpet cleaning service would know how to avoid certain dangers that you might not know enough about plus they will do a better job than you, even with a machine. When it comes to vacuuming, one of the biggest risks is dirt and moulds going around the air which can get into your system. This is where a professional comes in as they take care of all the moulds, mites, fungus, dust as well as other unwanted dangers that could affect you. Hiring a professional cleaning service leaves your carpet looking fresh and clean.

5. Get Rid Of Odour

Nothing ruins the mood of a home more than a smelly carpet Considering they stay at the bottom of a lot of places and a lot of dirt, spills, crumbs and so on rest there, they are bound to pick up an odour sooner or later. Our carpet cleaning service handles all the smells and odours that can arise from a dirty and smelly carpet no matter what the cause could be.

The odour would remain on your carpet as long as you do not clean them and do that properly. You might decide to make good use of your hands by scrubbing or making use of products which promise you all there is to heaven and earth but in the end, that might not be enough to get rid of the terrible smell. Lots of products just mask the smell for a while and do not completely eliminate and after a while, it goes back to its smelly self. Hiring our professional cleaning service here in Cannock can help you eliminate these smells with the combination of great solutions and high powered cleaning tech.

6. Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet

Everyone wants their carpets to look good and to last a long time and that can be achieved with proper care and maintenance. You are assured that your carpet life will be extended to a good number of years if it is looked after frequently and if it is of good quality. Just like everything in your home that speaks of you as much as your paintings, sculptures, etc. Your carpet is also very important if not more as they bring aesthetics to the home.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices From:

  • Living room/dinning room - £45 ( This is our minimum charge, after this are cheaper as seen below ) 
  • Bedroom carpet - £20
  • Hallway/landing carpet - £20
  • Stairs - £30
  • Two seat sofa –  £50
  • Three seat sofa – £65

We are also providing professional upholstery cleaning of your sofas, armchairs, footstools, mattresses etc. We cover professional carpet cleaning in the following areas.....


Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service here in Cannock is the best thing you can do for your carpet and the best decision you can make for your home. That being said, you should never believe you can handle the struggles that come with cleaning and maintaining a carpet on your own, although vacuuming and cleaning can be done efficiently yourself. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner can make it a lot easier for you, time-saving and stress-free. So why not hire a carpet cleaning service for your home today?

You’re always guaranteed a thorough inspection and survey of the carpet in question before ATD Cleaning Services decides on the right method for you. You can learn more about us, our carpet cleaning services and guide prices by calling us today on 01543 820407 or 07742575515.

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