Driveway Cleaning Lichfield

Driveway Cleaning Lichfield 

ATD Cleaning Services have successfully cleaned and restored 100s of driveways and patios in Lichfield and surrounding areas. we are a family run friendly company offering a professional, reliable and friendly service every time. You can rest assured when you use our service that we are fully insured with a wealth of experience in bringing your tired old driveways and patios back to there former glory.

There isn't any reason to leave your driveways and patios to get over run with dirt, weeds moss and algae, with just a little TLC your driveway and patios can once again look exactly like it did the day they were installed. Professional pressure washing doesn't need to be expensive, ATD provide top quality cleaning at affordable prices with no job to big or small.  

Block Pave Cleaning, Sanding & Sealing

Block paved driveways are probably the most popular type of material most customers opt for when having a new driveway installed, its not surprising due to the fact you can choose from many different colours and variations creating some truly stunning driveways in an array of different patterns.

( Popular Misconceptions ) we some times have customers ask if pressure washing can damage driveways and patios and the short answers in YES, Pressure washing any surface to many times can slowly wear down the top layer of the blocks.  

ATD can deep clean your drives and patios using the very best Machinery and equipment on the market this allows us not only clean your exterior surfaces better then any DIY type of pressure washer could but to do so with minimal effort and wear on your blocks while removing all weeds, moss and algae.  

Another misconception is you can get the same result with your DIY pressure washers, again sadly this isn't the case as the actual washing is only one part of the process, DIY pressure washers will not remove algae, lichens, black spot and a huge majority of weeds will still be left. To remove all those nasty unwanted fungicides takes high pressure & chemical washing.

Another very important part of the process is re-sanding, if your driveway isn't re-sanded properly after pressure washing this can cause blocks to come lose and sink, sometimes even crack due to vehicle traffic.

( Re-Sanding ) After your block pavers have been high pressure cleaned the process will remove all the old sanding in-between the gaps, if the sand isn't replaced then over time your blocks will move and sink we included re-sanding in all our quotes for all block pave cleaning.

All sanding can only be done when pavers are completely dry, sadly no sand can be applied the same day as the cleaning we usually return 1 to 2 days later giving the blocks enough time to thoroughly dry. Kiln dried sand is required for re-sanding, kiln sand is very dry and has been left in a kiln for a period of time to dry, normal builders sand wont work as it tends to be very wet and much coarser.

( Sealing ) We can seal you newly cleaning driveways and patios, just like most things in the life you get what you pay for and sealers are no different. You can purchase some lower grade DIY type sealers for half the price or less then some of the leading brands on the market.

Lower grade sealers offer very little proception and wont last longer than 1 year, with some of the better quality brands you can stay protected for up to 5 years making your driveway much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Patio Cleaning Lichfield 

( Flagstone ) ATD offer professional patio cleaning on slabs, natural stone and imprinted concrete, we can achieve some amazing results on all surfaces. Made up from large concrete blocks either plain or coloured concrete patios are very cost effective, easy to clean and repair.

Mention slabs and most people think of boring plain council type slabs, patio slabs have come a long way over the years now available in a wide range colours, textures and sizes and if laid correctly can really give the wow factor to any patio. There are some flags stones on the market that mimic natural stone that well its hard to tell the difference, so keeping your patios clean and fresh is just as important as keeping your driveways clean.   

Natural Stone Cleaning Lichfield  

Natural stone makes for some of the most eye catching patios, each stone has its very own unique pattern, shape & colour tone making for some truly stunning looking patios. Unlike like flag stones slabs natural stone can be very expensive especially for medium to large sized patios.

For this reason its all the more important to keep your beautiful natural stone clean and algae free , ATD Cleaning Services can restore your natural stone patios back to there former glory. 

After cleaning we can apply sealers to you natural stone to help protect against moss, algae, weeds and stains. Good quality sealer for natural stone is around £65 - £70 per tin, but using these leading brands should last anywhere from 3-5years depending on the foot fall and vehicle use on the area

Please take a look at our Natural stone cleaning page for more information. Take a look at some of the natural stone patios ATD Cleaning Services have cleaned across the West Midlands.

Imprinted Concrete Cleaning Lichfield 

ATD Cleaning Services use professional equipment to clean and restore pattern imprinted concrete. Through dirt and grime build up, vehicle use and wear & tear patterned concrete will lose its vibrant colour leaving the concrete exposed to the elements causing further damage to the area. Steps we take to clean and restore pattern imprinted driveways and patios.

Step 1, Clean the area with zero chemicals using a specialized 20inch flat surface rotary cleaner, the cleaning process will remove any dirt, weeds, moss or algae living on the surface. Any oil stains left after cleaning can also be treated using pattern imprinted concrete oil stain remover.      

Step 2, We then colour match the area, once we have found the correct colour pigment this is then mixed with a high quality imprinted concrete sealer. This sealer is then applied evenly across the surface restoring the colour and protecting the area from the elements for much longer.     

Step 3, This step is mainly a maintenance process, after the driveway or patio as been cleaned and sealed its is then beneficial to have a general wash yearly this will protect your investment and keep the surface dirt, moss and algae free.

Decking Cleaning Lichfield 

ATD Cleaning services offer various levels of cleaning for deck clean & restoration, we offer a basic cleaning service, up to a deep clean and restoring service. You can choose the level of service you would like for your decking making it easier to match your budget.

1. Bronze clean ( gentle pressure wash ) 

2. Silver clean  ( gentle pressure wash & algae treatment ) 

3. Gold clean ( gentle wash, algae treatment & decking oil treatment )

Some newer, or well maintained decking may only need a bronze clean, a gentle pressure wash and the boards are brought back to life. Decking that's a few years or more old and have pretty much been left exposed to the elements may benefit more from a gold clean to truly bring them back to their former glory.

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