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serviceAs far as the cleanliness of your carpets is concerned, some professional interference is required in order to live in a save and bacteria- free environment. All the bacteria and dust mites are invisible with a naked eye but it doesn’t mean that they do not inhabit your home and the carpets in particular. It is a common knowledge that the carpet fibres are the ideal environment for spreading different infection and allergy agents.


Why You Need A Professional Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning your carpet or your upholstery, it might get very confusing and that makes it difficult in getting it right the first time it consistently. This is why hiring a professional cleaning service to handle all these for you gives you great quality cleaning without damaging your carpet or your upholstery which are very important to you and the outlook of your home.
Getting a new carpet and upholstery can be exciting and the very last thing you want is for it to get damaged just because of a little cleaning service that could have easily been avoided.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is very beneficial to your company or your home. You want the very best of services with a quality experience and we completely understand all that and more here. This is why we have made a list of why you should hire professional cleaning services for your carpet and your upholstery.




1. They Are Professionals

This may seem like a very obvious answer but it is a lot more than that.  Professionals are trained to properly clean, wipe, dust and even sanitize your home or your office space. When you hire a professional cleaning service, everything is done in a more orderly manner and that is why we strive in getting you the clean environment necessary.

As professionals, we come with our own supplier and there is no disappointment if you don’t have a carpet cleaning or you don’t have the right products to clean your upholstery. Cleaning supplies are always neatly and completely stocked. Professionals make it a lot more dairy for you.

2. Good Choice Of Cleaning Products

Carpets and upholstery are usually made from different materials and all have a certain recommended cleaning pattern and cleaning products. Some carpets are made of wool or synthetic and they require different treatments to prevent damage or discoloration. Professionals know this and have mastered each and every type of fabric in order to know how to handle each better. They know the right cleaning method to use and also the right products to use.

You also save the stress of going to rent or buy types of equipment to clean these items. Buying the cleaning agents which are sold at many retail stores wouldn’t be as effective as the ones we as professionals make use of. We get the best to prevent any damage and you also save yourself from the trip to a rental shop or buying things you do not make enough use of and just take up storage space that can be used for better things.

3. Saves You Time

Time is money as they say and if you spend most of your time cleaning your carpets or your upholstery, you would be wasting a lot of it and that slows down productivity which in turn slows down money. You spend a lot of time doing something you have no idea on and end up ruining it and that can hurt on a whole other level. So why not let those who are trained in cleaning it to handle that for you?

Professionals have more knowledge and understanding when it comes to certain stains and what can remove them. Using the wrong cleaning items can cause a stain to become worse or the right one if not used properly. This is why our professionals are trained in the removal of stains and the best cleaning methods to be used without having to damage your upholstery or your carpet.

If necessary, we make use of low moisture techniques or types of equipment to reduce the amount of moisture in a carpet which can ultimately lead to the build-up of moulds and damage the carpet or upholstery.

4. Accurate Cleaning Patterns And Eradication Of Bacteria

Just as we make use of low moisture cleaning options, we know all the right cleaning patterns for your carpets and upholstery to leave it looking just as new as it was.  Getting your products or advice from retail carpet cleaning stores or just anyone wouldn’t give you an insight into the sanitizing system needed for your household or office pieces of equipment.

We make sure to use a system that actually kills bacteria and all the dust mites that might be in your upholstery or in your carpets which could be leading to allergies and can give way for sicknesses. There are quite a lot more reasons to clean your carpets than just to get it looking clean. A clean looking carpet can still have a lot of bacteria that can still defeat the purpose.

5. Quality, Commitment, and Experience

These are the necessary factors to look into when hiring a professional service to clean your carpet or your upholstery and you need them to give you the best quality and be completely dedicated and commitment as well as experience. These factors ensure that the best of services is what you would be getting and nothing less.
You want a cleaning service in which you would at least have a 99% chance of hiring again and not one you would be left full of regrets.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices From:

  • Living room/dinning room - £45 ( This is our minimum charge, after this are cheaper as seen below ) 
  • Bedroom carpet - £20
  • Hallway/landing carpet - £20
  • Stairs - £30
  • Two seat sofa –  £50
  • Three seat sofa – £65

We are also providing professional upholstery cleaning of your sofas, armchairs, footstools, mattresses etc. We cover professional carpet cleaning in the following areas.....

ATD Cleaning Services are a family run business built on trust and excellent customer service, we will always go above and beyond for our customers and we always aim to produce our very best results.  We have completed all the necessary training courses whilst using top quality cleaning equipment to remove dirt, grime, wine stains, tea & coffee, urine and much more. Still unsure, why not check out some of our customers reviews and testimonials.

ATD Cleaning Services can professionally clean carpets & upholstery, We are proud members of ( NNCA ) national carpet cleaners association, for more information or a free now obligation quote call us today on 01543 830407 / 07742575515 or alternatively drop us an email on

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