About Us

About Us

ATD Cleaning Services

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to destroying the success of any business or organization. A very important one is safety in a work environment and also healthy and care for workers. You can tell a lot about a place and it’s service by looking at the workers as well as the clients. Even the offices and commercial spaces need to be extra clean and hygienic to pass on the right message. There is always the power of a good, clean and presentable working area to the visitors and customers. This is something we never overlook here at ATD cleaning services.

A.T.D stands for “Attention To Detail” and that is what our cleaning service is all about. We are a company that offers you a variety of different professional cleaning services anywhere you are either at your residential homes or commercial properties all across the West Midlands.

We are a family run business and that just makes us more united in catering for your needs and services. We never run short of giving you the best of friendly and reliable services with the best types of equipment for the job as well. Here at ATD, we strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients.

When you book a service with us, you have absolutely nothing else to worry about as your project is in the right hands. One of the unique things about us is that we don’t just aim to please customers, a lot of services have that as their number one priority and even we do too but most importantly, we aim to amaze them. When it comes to cleaning and restoring your old interiors and also exterior surfaces, then it’s time to give us a call.

There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring us as your professional cleaning services such as:

We save you time. We understand that you have other things you can use your time to achieve and that is why we take the work of your hands. We make use of the best pieces of equipment you may not have access to and use them in the most efficient manner, something you might not be able to do as well. We save you cost. This is because you spend a lot more going to hire pieces of equipment and agents to clean your interior and exterior decoration and if you do it wrong, it might get damaged, forcing you to get another one. We use the right cleaning and washing agents. Just because you see things on TV assuring you they would do wonders in your home doesn’t mean you should adhere to them. This is because some might not react well with certain materials and since we are a professional service, we know what to do and what not to do. It gets to safer hands. With us, you are sure your items are in the safest hands they can possibly be and we try never to break the trust and faith our clients have in us.

Services We Carry Out

Pressure Washing Services

Driveways and patios of your home are very important as they are seen when a person gets into your home and a dirty look can ruin it completely. Here at ATD, we show that the cleaning of these places doesn’t have to be expensive with our pressure washing service. We give your driveways the tender love and care they deserve. This pressure washing equipment can clean and restore a lot of surfaces to flagstones etc. We also handle decking cleaning and restore.

Professional Carpet cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your carpet is one of the best decisions you make for it. We give detailed attention to the cleaning of your carpet. We have a unique procedure for carpet cleaning as we tackle but the surface and area dust. Different carpets deserve different treatment and that’s what enables them last longer and give your home or office the extra spark they need. We decide on the best method for your carpet although steaming is a common and effective method while ending it with a powerful vacuum system.


Hiring us here at ATD will guarantee you have a speaking home or office while increasing the longevity of your items. Your driveways, Patios, and Carpets are very important parts of your home that should not be overlooked. So why not hire us today?